Established in Melbourne, Australia in 2010, Vine & Paddock Group and its portfolio of brands has a global presence.

Our brands that are all part of the Vine & Paddock family


farmgate cheese

Farmgate Cheese begun as a premium alternative to the gourmet gift hamper - offering specialist cheese and wine boxes, delivered to discerning customers Australia-wide. 

Since then, we've grown and developed into an international brand, specialising in various aspects of gourmet cheese, wine, food retail and events.

grace and james

There’s something magical about the ritual of striking the match and setting the flame a dancing. Even better is the sweet aroma that follows – where carefully selected tones teasingly evoke memories or calmly woo you into a state of bliss. 

small batch food company

Made in small production runs based on your requirements, we create, develop and manufacturer a variety of food products. From our collection of high quality, flavoursome and natural jams, relishes and chutneys to bespoke product development based on your recipe or idea, we can work with you to bring your concept to life. 

We Distribute all our brands, plus a selection of specialty products we just love!

Get in touch if you interested in stocking products from our portfolio.



We source single origin coffee from Colombia that we roast specifically for this beverage. Organic botanicals and a touch of unrefined sweetness is used to enhance the natural flavour profile of the coffee. Then we carbonate. The result, poured over ice and garnished with a slice of orange, is the world’s greatest pick me up in the afternoon sun. Well, that’s what we think anyway, you'll have to try it for yourself and see.



Protecting the life of cheese and defending its flavor since 2006

Cheese is a delicacy, and an often expensive one, at that. We work directly with leading European manufacturers to bring you the same specialty materials used by the finest European cheese purveyors. Our cheese storage paper and bags will help you savor every last bite, just as the cheesemaker intended.

Export Services 


We also provide export and consolidation services for Australian food and retails brands. Services include product sourcing, brand development, private label production, contract manufacturing and packing, training and supply chain management for clients across Australia, Singapore, Shanghai, United Arab Emirates and Unites States of America.